Food Recovery

initiative to combat hunger and food waste in the USA

The Problem

Akshaya Patra has endeavored to utilize its kitchen infrastructure and resources to undertake emergency food assistance during natural disasters to provide nutrition & health support.

Over the years, we have enhanced our execution capabilities for humanitarian efforts through need-based approaches. These include providing freshly cooked food, utilizing our mobile kitchens, setting up temporary kitchens, and distributing food relief kits.

These feeding endeavors align with the National Food Security Act (NFSA) 2013, which stresses food and nutritional security “by ensuring access to adequate quantities of quality food at affordable prices to people to live a life with dignity”, especially in times of need.


Akshaya Patra’s food recovery project rescues edible food that would otherwise go to waste and distributes it to those in need, tackling two critical issues at the same time: food waste and food insecurity.

The food recovery project is a step towards creating a more sustainable and equitable food system.

In the first two food recovery projects we helped recover a total of 97,632 lbs. of food.

How Does Our Food Recovery Initiative Work?

Our solution to tackling hunger and food waste successfully brings five entities together – the surplus food sources, food pick up service providers, transport service providers, delivery service providers, and food distributors.

Our approach is to partner with food manufacturers, businesses and other organizations to collect surplus food that would otherwise go to waste.

The next step is to sort and distribute this food to food banks, soup kitchens, senior centers, and shelters that serve people in need.

How Do Surplus Food Sources Benefit?

This initiative supports local communities. It helps businesses save money by reducing waste disposal fees, take advantage of tax benefits and provides volunteers with opportunities to get involved in their communities.

If you are a surplus food source, don’t let your excess food go to waste! Partner with Akshaya Patra and help us recover and distribute edible food to those in need.

If you are a food distributor, partner with us! We are looking for a large number of food distributors across the USA.

If you wish to volunteer with us in solving this vital problem at hand in the USA, click here to learn more.



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