The aim of teaching motivates Kripa’s zeal to learn

“I like attending school every day as I am passionate about studying and learning. That is why, I aspire to become a teacher. My favourite subject is Science and this is what I would want to teach when I grow up,” says Kripa, a student in Upper Primary School, Kamai, Nandgaun, Mathura.

Kripa is a quiet girl but very perceptive of her surroundings. Her mother is a housewife and her father is a teacher. He teaches Math and English. She has a sister and a brother who also study.

The gates of Kripa’s school open at 8 in the morning. She leaves for home at 2 in the afternoon. “I spend my time here studying, playing, eating tasty meals and dancing with my friends. I am extremely close to Vimla, Babli and Chanchal — my friends in school. We always play and study together. After going home, I resume studying and help out with chores,” adds Kripa.

“My school has several events and programmes to participate in, usually on special occasions like 15 August, 26 January etc. I like to take part in them,” says the 8th-standard student, whose favourite sport is kho kho and participates in it at every chance she gets.

When it comes to mid-day meals in her school, she says, “We get dal, roti, sabzi, kheer, khichdi and rice on different days. But I enjoy dal and subzi the most.”

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