On his way to protect his country

Madhav is a student in Upper Primary School, Kamai, Nandgaun, Mathura. He is an intelligent boy who likes to play as well as study. His quick and well-thought-out responses can leave one in awe. At his school, he is always on his toes to help with daily tasks like serving the mid-day meals. After school hours, he also likes to water the plants on the campus.

Madhav lives with his mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, sister, brother and uncle. His father is a farmer and his mother is a housewife. “When I am home, I help my father plough the fields, sow the seeds, harvest the crops…everything!” he says.

“I like coming to school as I get to both study and play. When our teacher lets us out, we play Kabaddi. I want to join the army when I grow up to safeguard my country. My parents are also supportive of this dream. I train every morning to achieve this goal. I run, exercise and play sports. When it comes to maintaining my health, I consume milk and include chickpeas in my diet,” Madhav adds with a bright smile.

“Here we get subzi, roti, banana, kheer, khichdi, dal, rice and kadhi rice as mid-day meals at 10.30 in the morning. I like roti subzi so much that I would be happy if get it every day. My friends here love it too!” he replies when asked about the mid-day meals.

Madhav reaches home at 2 in the afternoon. Then, he studies and helps his father in the field. “At the field, I help my father with everything. The spring season will arrive soon! So right now, I am helping him plough the field and sow the seeds,” he shares.

In the evening, Madhav sometimes plays with his school friends. “At school, we play Kabaddi and kho kho. At home, we only play Kabaddi,” he says.

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