Digital Learning

Digital education & support digital inclusion for underprivileged students

Digital Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in schools being closed for nearly two years and the adoption of digital education was widespread. This highlighted the digital divide among students, with underprivileged children facing barriers to access and affordability.

To address this issue, we expanded our initiatives to include the Digital Education Program. The program aims to ensure access to digital education and support digital inclusion for underprivileged students.

The Digital Education Program is a component of Akshaya Patra’s flagship National Endeavour for Student Transformation (NEST) campaign. This campaign works with the government education system to improve educational quality, create an environment that promotes outstanding learning results, and also make schooling fun for children.

We have collaborated with EdTech company BYJU’S to further the Foundation’s aim of providing students with access to quality education. This collaboration, which was launched as part of BYJU’s ‘Education for All’ social initiatives endeavor intends to give continuity of learning to government school students in several states, including remote areas of the country.

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