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Food transport vehicle recognition

The vehicles distribute the meals to the children. They travel across the city. In most of the cases the donors friends or other family members donate vehicles


Biogas plant

Bio-Gas plants are built to produce gas from vegetable or any food waste in the kitchen. Akshaya patra is committed to zero waste and environmentally friendly kitchens. Bio-Gas plants are built in different sizes in our kitchens based on availability of the land and from biogas plant limited Gas will be generated based on biogas plan capacity which will be used for seasoning cooking.


effluent treatment plant (ETP)

Effluent Treatment plant is built within the premises of the kitchen. The wastewater from the kitchen is treated in this plant and the same water is used for other cleaning purposes in the kitchen or use it for water for the plants around the kitchen.


Briquette boiler

Briquette boilers are used to provide steam energy for cooking in some of the kitchens. The kitchens have two Briquette Boilers each one is used alternative days. The briquettes are prepared from agriculture waste and burned in the boiler.


Rice & sambar cauldron

Rice cauldrons are used to prepare rice or special rice items through gas or steam. The cauldrons come in different sizes and prepare rice for 100s of children in few minutes.


11th & 12th Grade


Engineering (B.Tech & BE)


Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)


Bechelor of Science (B.Sc)


Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)


Masters in Business Administration (MBA)


Under Graduation – Medicine (MBBS)


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